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In the last 14 years, LTL has earned an overwhelmingly positive reputation as a leading Mandarin language school in China.

Founded by "foreigners" (who understood first-hand the challenges of learning Chinese as a second language), they were amongst the first schools in China to hire only full-time "career" Mandarin instructors for the benefit of their students.

Recognizing the unique challenges that online learning brings, last year they introduced "Flexi Classes" that combine flexible online scheduling with the benefits of interactive, small-group learning (traditionally only found in classroom settings).

The Basics

Over 150 group classes running every day.
2-3 students per teacher for productive group sessions with lots of personal attention.
Native Mandarin teachers with experience teaching students at all levels.
Their new "Flexi Classes" give complete flexibility to book, re-book and even cancel classes without penalty.

Why we recommend it

LTL’s Flexi Classes enable you to build up the basics, speak often, and gain confidence under the tutelage of experienced teachers.

Coming soon: LTL teachers will be able to push vocabulary directly into your Hack Chinese accounts so you never forget what you learn in class!

Hack Chinese LTL Promotion

Use the link below and enter the promo code "LTLHACK" to receive 50% off your first purchase of any Flexi Class package.

LTL Flexi Classes

Domino Chinese is loved by their 100,000+ students for their comprehensive video course for learning Mandarin Chinese. Covering all aspects of Chinese from reading and writing to listening and speaking, it's a great complement to Hack Chinese.

The Basics

Almost 5,000 high-quality videos (over 100 hours of content).
Many videos were filmed in China, giving students a feel for how Chinese is really used. You'll learn real-life vocabulary and phrases not found in textbooks, and develop a deep appreciation for modern Chinese culture.
An approachable host (Felix) who makes learning interesting.
The vocabulary from Domino's curriculum has already been loaded into Hack Chinese.

Why we recommend it

While scouring the Internet for video lessons can be a great way to supplement your learning, you can progress much faster with a well-planned, structured curriculum. Domino Chinese brings it all together with comprehensive lesson plans and corresponding exercises.

Hack Chinese Domino Promotion

Use the link below to receive one month of full access to Domino's complete curriculum for free.

Domino Chinese

Focusing almost entirely on spoken Chinese, ExcelMandarin's unique curriculum and teaching approach will not only have you laughing through every class, but will also maximize your Chinese speaking and listening time.

Their formal curriculum is further reinforced with 15 hours of community events each month, from movie & game nights to office hours and conversation practice.

The Basics

Cohort-based enrollment, so you can learn with a community.
A speaking-focused curriculum, designed specifically for adults
24/7 teacher assistance in a dedicated Slack channel.
Native audio (recorded by the lovely humans at ExcelMandarin) for their curriculum in Hack Chinese.

Why we recommend it

By hand-picking the best elements from in-person learning and optimizing them for online classrooms, ExcelMandarin has created a program that reliably trains adult learners to speak Mandarin at a proficient level within eight months.

Hack Chinese ExcelMandarin Promotion

Email with subject "Hack//Excel" to receive one free trial class and a $100 USD discount on your first quarter if you choose to sign up.

For information on EM's free community events, email

Culturestride is an online-only Mandarin school with an interactive classroom platform with features like pinyin popovers, connected in-class notes, and automated homework assignments.

Each class is one of two types: Theory (for acquiring knowledge) or Practical (for practicing what you already know).

These aren't your typical online classes; For example, in Practical sessions, the target is for 80% of class time to be conversation (not "teaching"). And when class concludes, the conversation is transcribed and sent to you. Perfect for continued learning (and importing into Hack Chinese!)

The Basics

1:1 Theory classes to fill gaps in your knowledge.
Group Practical (conversation) classes to solidify what you learn.
An interactive classroom platform with Pinyin & definition popovers and connected notes.
Personalized homework to reinforce what you learned in class

Why we recommend it

Culturestride's practical classes offer something every learner needs: opportunities to use the Mandarin you know. Through role-play, debate, and Q&A, you'll be able to master the Chinese you've been learning in the classroom and on your favorite apps.

Hack Chinese Culturestride Promotion

Use the link below to receive unlimited free access to unfilled Practical classes (if you have taken at least one paid class in the last 30 days).


The Fluency Project is a not-for-profit online community of Chinese learners who share Chinese language learning advice, practice together in a live chat room, and participate in online video chats (entirely in Chinese).

The Fluency Project is part of, a worldwide community that strives to help people succeed in various aspects of their lives. Their application process ensures that every member is positive and helpful, providing a toxicity-free environment in which to grow.

Why we recommend it

Learning a foreign language is challenging. Having the support of helpful, like-minded learners can make the journey easier and more enjoyable.

Explore the Fluency Project with the link below

The Fluency Project

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