All the features, without all the complexity

All the features,
without all the complexity

Spaced Repetition

Be efficient with with automatic review scheduling

Cram Mode

Override spaced repetition to focus on knowledge you need immediately

Speech Synthesis

Train your ear with accurate audio pronunciation for over 100,000 words

Quick-Add to Study Plan

Search the dictionary, add to study plan without manually creating flashcards

Personal Dashboard

Know your history, set your goals, and monitor your progress

Consistency Chart

Make it easy to honor your long-term commitment with daily micro-goals

Progress Chart

Stay inspired with visual evidence of your long-term vocabulary growth

Progress Towards Focuses

Set your goals and watch your progress towards achieving them


Vocabulary lists from every chapter of the textbooks you are already using

HSK, YCT Exams

Master the vocabulary required to confidently pass your exams

Oral Only Mode

Ignore characters and focus on spoken pronunciation

Master Tone Change Rules

View Pinyin with original tone marks and altered by tone-change rules

Automatic Hiding of Hard Words

Don't let a tiny fraction of difficult concepts slow all your progress

Review Schedule Flattening

Pull some reviews forward to have a more consistent review schedule

Vacation Mode

Enjoy a week on the beach without falling behind

Lightning Study

Instantly jump into a study session of your favorite duration

Your Brain

Geek out with all the stats behind your learning journey

Targeted Assistance

Automatically notify your tutor of the words you're struggling with for in-person help

Dark Mode

Study in the evening and still get the quality sleep your memory needs

Chinese Interface

When enabled, experience all of Hack Chinese with a Chinese-language interface

Assuming Knowledge

Calibrate your learning experience without a time-consuming test

Adjustable Priorities

Set your long-term goals while prioritizing the vocabularly you can use soon

Study Suggestions

Look up 'orange' and be asked if you'd like to learn words for other types of fruit

Link your tutor

Enhance the effectiveness of your online or in-person tutors

Keyboard Shortcuts

Save even more time by staying away from the mouse when studying on a desktop

Study on your own schedule

Decide how much time you have, we'll prepare a perfect lesson

Crazy Awesome Support

Email us with any issue and expect a reply the same day

I have tried other vocabularly building tools, and nothing is as simple, well-designed, and effective as Hack Chinese.
Alex Wormuth
Technical Solutions Engineer
Improbable Software, Guangzhou, China

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Hack Chinese is a professional tool that delivers extraordinary results.
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Hack Chinese is a professional tool that delivers extraordinary results. Experience the difference.
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