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Journey to the West
Book 10: The Magic Ginseng Tree Book 11: The Monster's Secret Book 12: The Five Treasures Book 13: The Ghost King Book 14: The Cave of Fire Book 15: The Daoist Immortals Book 16: The Great Demon King Book 17: The Thieves Book 18: The Country of Women Book 19: The Angry Monkey Book 1: Rise of the Monkey King Book 20: The Burning Mountain Book 21: The Rain of Blood Book 22: The False Buddha Book 23: The Monkey Doctor Book 24: The Demons of Spiderweb Mountain Book 2: Trouble in Heaven Book 3: The Immortal Peaches Book 4: The Young Monk Book 5: The Emperor in Hell Book 6: The Journey Begins Book 7: The Monster of Black Wind Mountain Book 8: The Hungry Pig Book 9: The Three Beautiful Daughters Glossary (Books 1-18)

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