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Hack Chinese is a learning system designed specifically for Mandarin Chinese. Thousands use it to grow (and maintain) their vocabulary with 10-20 minutes per day.
"A spaced repetition system
that's exactly what you’d
want it to be.
John Renfroe
Outlier Linguistics
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Save time and frustration.
Use our comprehensive, error-free lists from textbooks, HSK exams, graded-readers and apps.
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Realize efficiency with study sessions constructed based on your performance.
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No badges, just progress. Every interaction is designed pixel-by-pixel to inspire and excite.
Create your own study plan.
Rapidly create your own lists with the 100,000+ words in our dictionary.
Learn quickly yet deeply.
Example sentences give depth of understanding and make remembering easier.
Know your weak points exactly.
Words you have trouble remembering are identified for your further attention.
First-class comfort.
When you study every day,
you deserve to feel good.
biāo zhǔn
an official standard
the norm
He can speak standard Mandarin.
Did you know the definition?
"I cannot imagine the grind it must be to
learn characters without Hack Chinese...
The system took care of everything."
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