Lower Elementary 2
Lesson 13: We'll Meet At The Garden Of The Canteen Lesson 14: I Can't Go To See The Movie Lesson 15: I Have Classes From Monday To Wednesday Lesson 16: I Am Playing Football On The Playground Lesson 17: I Don't Know How To Input Chinese Characters Lesson 18: Go Straight Ahead Lesson 19: There's Access To The Internet In The Room Lesson 20: Please Return It To Him For Me Lesson 21: What's Wrong With You Lesson 22: I'm 25 Lesson 23: This Coat Is Of Chinese Style Lesson 24: My Pronunciation Is Not Very Standard Lesson 25: It's Warm In My Hometown In Winter Than In Beijing Lesson 26: Dishes In Our Country Are Not As Hot As Those In Sichuan Lesson 27: Shanghai Is Different From Beijing Lesson 28: Autumn Is Coming