Cramming vs. SRS

You know the benefits of Spaced Repetition. So what's the deal with cramming?

While the study interface is the same, cramming is very different from your normal daily study sessions. Here are the key differences:

(Spaced Repetition)
When should I use? Every day Only when required
What will I study in a single study session? Words from your entire vocabulary and every List you have queued Words from a single List only
What is the priority of content I will see? 1. Weak memories
2. New words
1. Weak memories
2. New words
3. Strong memories (sorted: weakest first)

We recommend studying every day with spaced repetition, and using cramming only when you need to double-down on specific knowledge immediately prior to class or tutor time (to enable the highest quality practice possible) or in the days/hours leading up to an examination.