Automatic Hiding
Automatic hiding temporarily removes your hardest-to-remember words from your study sessions. This can reduce frustration and enable you to be more productive while studying. 


With spaced repetition, you will be tested more frequently on those words you have trouble remembering. More frequent review is usually enough to overcome any difficulties you have remembering.

However, you occasionally might forget a word over and over again, no matter how many times you review it.

This could happen for several reasons. For example:

  1. You may be learning similar words at the same time, and are confusing them.
  2. You may be "remembering that you always forget this word". It happens.

Sometimes it is smart to ignore difficult words

In the context of a large goal (like learning 10,000+ Mandarin words), we think the frustration caused by a small percentage of words is not always worth it.

By default, if we detect words that you consistently forget (and are likely causing you excessive frustration), we'll hide these words (and prevent them from appearing in your study sessions).

After two weeks, they will be re-introduced and treat them as new words, to be learned again.

Pro Tip: If you'd prefer not to hide any words, you can turn off "automatic hiding".
Pro Tip: If you Cram from a list that has hidden words, it will override this setting, and you will be tested on them. 

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