Flat Review Schedule
If we detect an abnormally large number of reviews that will be due in the near future, we'll have you perform some reviews earlier than you optimally need to.

A common issue with spaced-repetition tools is inconsistent daily requirements of "reviews due". One day you might have 5 minutes of reviews to complete, but the next day: 25 minutes.

This happens naturally and isn't a failure of the algorithm; your performance with each word is tracked separately, so having some days with more reviews due than usual is to be expected. 

However, a wildly inconsistent number of reviews due each day can be overwhelming, and is one reason why some people stop using spaced repetition.

Which is a shame, because the algorithm hasn't stopped working.

In fact, it is during these times that continuing to trust in the algorithm's scheduling makes the most sense: you'll refresh your memories of those words most in need of refresh first, before refreshing memories that will probably last a little longer on their own anyway.

While this is less "optimal" from a purely mathematical standpoint -- we aren't robots. Reducing the psychological burden of a huge pile of reviews due will likely keep you in the game, which could be net positive in the long run.

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