Everyday Mode

The "Everyday" study mode is optimized for long-term growth of your vocabulary. It does this by prioritizing maintaining strong memories over learning new words.

We think this makes sense: why learn something new if you're at risk of forgetting something you've already spent time learning and reviewing? 

When you study with Everyday mode, this is what happens:

  1. First, we'll search your entire vocabulary for words you are at risk of forgetting. If you have any weak memories, we'll test your knowledge of them. Testing your knowledge not only increases the strength of that memory, but also slows the rate of decay of that memory (meaning you wait longer before seeing it again). 
  2. When there are no words at risk of being forgotten, we'll check to see if there are any words we assume you know (but haven't yet checked). The number of assumed words you'll check each day can be set up in algorithm options.

  3. Finally, we'll introduce you to new words from any lists you have in your Queue.

Many people use the Everyday mode exclusively. It has all the right settings baked in!

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