Advanced responses
Advanced Responses let you take administrative action on words during a study session.

To access the advanced responses menu, click the in the top left corner of a study session.

There are three advanced responses:

  • Boosting a word will mark it remembered, and double the interval (so you will wait twice as long before you see it again). For example, if you normally would see a word 10 days from now, but you are certain you know it very well, boosting it will cause Hack Chinese to wait 20 days before quizzing you on this word again. 

  • Hiding a word prevents it from appearing in any study session for two weeks. You may want to hide a word if it is very similar to another word you are studying, or if it is causing you more frustration than you think it is worth. Your hidden words are tracked.

  • Blocking a word is a permanent but undoable action that prevents it from appearing in any study session again. You may decide to block words if they are not important to you any more. Your blocked words are tracked.

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