If you want to focus on the vocabulary in a particular list, you can Cram from it. Cramming temporarily ignores the spaced-repetition scheduling rules (which prioritizes refreshing weak memories from your entire vocabulary, if you have any).

Here are the differences between normal study sessions (SRS) and Cramming:

(Spaced Repetition)
What will you study? All the words you've ever learned, and new words from every List you have in your queue. Words from a single List only
What order will words appear in my study session? 1. Weak words
2. Assumed Known Words (Checked at the rate you set)
3. New words
1. Weak words
2. Assumed Known Words
3. New words
4. Strong words
(sorted: weakest first)
When should you use? Every day Only when short-term knowledge of the words in a specific List is more important than long-term vocabulary growth

We recommend studying every day with spaced repetition (the "Everyday" mode), and only cramming when you need to focus on specific knowledge immediately before needing it.

For example, you might cram the vocabulary for a textbook chapter the morning of a quiz on that textbook chapter. Or you might cram the words from last week's lesson with a tutor, right before meeting the tutor again.

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