Assumption Check Rate

Depending on your study history, you may have learned hundreds (or even thousands) of words before starting with Hack Chinese. In your onboarding questionnaire or manually, these words become assumed known.

Words that are assumed known are treated differently from unknown words in two ways:

  1. You are only checked on a few per day, so you aren't overwhelmed at testing potentially thousands of words you already know.
  2. If you do know an assumed known word when it is checked for the first time, we boost its' mastery level above what it would be if it were a new word. This allows you to slide these into your long-term study system.

If you'd like to check your assumptions (and eliminate gaps in your knowledge) quickly, you can set the assumption check rate to 'Fast'. You'll check at most 30 assumed known words per day.

If you'd like to focus on learning new words (with the risk of letting potential gaps in your knowledge persist longer), you can set your assumption check rate to 'Slow'.

You can also 'pause' the checking (and never review words that are assumed known) or check all of them (with unlimited mode).

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