Creating Lists

In some situations, it is useful to create your own lists. 

For example:

  • You have a tutor (who teaches you new words each time you meet)
  • You are watching a TV series (where you encounter unknown words)
  • You are reading a book

There are two advantages to creating your own lists:

  1. It is easier to remember words you've already learned elsewhere.
    If your teacher just taught you a word in class, it will be much easier to remember, if you start reviewing it right away. You can do this by putting your teacher list high on your List Queue
  2. You can Cram from each list individually.
    If you create a list of words from your favorite Chinese TV show, you can review these words specifically before sitting down for an evening of passive exposure.

    If you create a list of words you learn with a tutor, you can review the words you learned in last week's class right before you meet again. 

How to create your own list

Navigate to Lists, and click 'New List'.

Type the name of the list you want to create, and click 'Create List'.

Another way to create a list is to first find a word you want to add to your new list. You can do this by first searching the dictionary with the magnifying glass:

Search for a word in in English, Pinyin, or Chinese.

From the dictionary page, click 'Add to List'.

You can add this word to a list you've already created, or choose, 'New List'.

Give your new list a name and click, 'Create List'.

Your new list will be created and will contain the word you added:

If you've created a great list and want to share it, let us know. With your permission, we'll promote it to being an official 'Community' list. And if social media is your thing, we may make a post about it and tag your account!

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